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Best Commercial Property To Invest In Gurgaon, Commercial Projects In Gurgaon
by Sheerbulls Feb 27 2021

Quintessential Steps for Renting One of the Best Commercial Projects in Gurgaon


A commercial property rental decision might not be as significant as leasing, but it involves higher rent, large spaces, and more agent fees. Thus, thinking that leasing is a better move is totally a misconception. Take M3M 65th Avenue, for example! One can opt for B2B or B2C rental agreements signed for a longer time span. One of the complexities is to engage the due diligence prior to deciding on a property.
The Indian real estate industry experiences a cut-throat competition. Thus, rental agreements must get worked smartly. On that note, it is imperious to follow a set of steps when renting a commercial property like M3M 65th Avenue. The following are the steps followed when renting a commercial real estate in Gurugram.

1. Title Ownership Validation

It is significant to ensure that you complete the details of the property’s ownership and access to its title. The aforementioned responsibility is important for authenticating the rent. As a matter of fact, investigating further and confirming that there’s no sub-rent and other rental forms associated with that real estate is also an important commandment. It is vital before signing the agreement.

2. Appropriate Renting Agreements

When one cannot afford to choose the best commercial property to invest in Gurgaon, renting becomes a smarter move. For this reason, the next thing that one needs to follow is ensuring that the rental agreement is appropriate on the bases of operations. Is it a co-working office space agreement or rental lease agreement? What matters is to be utmost specific about the nature of that rent.

3. Verification of Income Tax or Mortgage

It’s recommendable to verify income tax backgrounds of landlords (if it’s a commercial agreement). One can check whether there are illegal proceedings or pending disputes. The property should be categorised as residential or commercial property under Income Tax Act of 1961 and Development Control Regulations. Any ambiguity will leave you levied with TDS in the future.

4. Property Consultant’s Background Screening

It’s significant to get the background screening done on the real estate consultant prior to the decision. Information can get assessed through former rental agreements or via customer feedback. You can insist the consultant share details of the past clients too. The inhibition will give a clear indication of fraudulent activities (if any).

5. Rental Agreement’s Validity

The commercial agreement should mention the following information besides other clauses:

  • Start & termination dates
  • The rental amount and details of deposits
  • Property address
  • Interval of payment
  • Provision of the rent renewal
  • Involved parties’ names and signatures
  • Names of tenants and landlord; besides other parties and their signs who got involved

Final Thoughts
Thus, these are the quintessential steps to remember when thinking of renting a commercial project in Gurugram (for example, M3M Broadway and M3M CornerWalk). Thus, this compiles everything to learn about the practical steps to rent a commercial space in Gurugram. You can consult the professional team of Sheerbulls for further details on real estate.